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GoLocal LIVE Team

GoLocal is expanding its coverage of everything local.

Now, every morning, the 6:00 a.m. email will include 27 percent more articles and videos.

Latest Expansion for GoLocal

In February, the company launched GoLocal LIVE — the daily two-hour broadcast with the biggest newsmakers in Rhode Island and experts from around the world.

GoLocal produces as many as two dozen local articles and videos everyday. As a result, GoLocal expanded the coverage in the morning Eblast which is distributed to 49,000 each morning.

“Last week our guests on GoLocal LIVE included one of the top security experts in the UK on the London bombings, we talked with top French journalist Jean Lesieur just hours after the attack at Notre Dame Cathedral — we are changing local journalism to be live and immediate,” said Josh Fenton, Co-Founder and CEO of GoLocal.

GoLocal is committed to providing best in class analysis, great community coverage, and insights into national and global events and how these events impact Rhode Island.

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GoLocal LIVE Launches “Rickman’s Big View” – Weekly Live Opinion

Rickman’s Big View

It all starts today — Civil Rights leader Ray Rickman will begin broadcasting a weekly opinion segment every Thursday on GoLocal LIVE. It is called, “Rickman’s Big View.”

He has been one of Rhode Island’s leaders in government, human rights, and issues of equality for more than 30 years.

Each week, Rickman offers his insights and opinion on the issues that matter most to Rhode Island, the country, and the world.

He is the co-founder of the non-profit Stages of Freedom and heads the public affairs firm — The Rickman Group. He is a former State Representative and Deputy Secretary of State for RI.

Watch or listen every week at 4:00 p.m. on GoLocal LIVE on Facebook Live, GoLocalProv.com or YouTube.

New live video news broadcast

GoLocal Launches New Daily Live Broadcast – Hosted By Kate Nagle and Molly O’Brien

Innovative Live News Show “GoLocal LIVE” Launches in February

Providence, RI — GoLocal24 is launching the next generation of news and lifestyle media by broadcasting a new afternoon show — GoLocal LIVE.

The daily show will simultaneously live stream onsite, on Facebook Live, and on YouTube Live. It will be available on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Molly O’Brien joins GoLocal. Formerly traffic and tech reporter at WJAR-10.

The new model for media, “GoLocal LIVE,” will be hosted by former WJAR-10 reporter Molly O’Brien and GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle.

The show will debut in February on GoLocalProv.com.

GoLocal LIVE is the place where news happens first, and

will be the immediate source about everything — from the newest restaurant in Newport to the biggest political battle at the State House.

“GoLocal has set a new standard for local digital media. Now, we are taking our model to a new level. We want to be a great resource for Rhode Islanders. Whether they watch it live in the afternoons, or listen to it on the ride home in the car — GoLocal LIVE will have the top and most interesting content in the market,” said Josh Fenton, CEO of GoLocal24.

“When you have something to say in Rhode Island, you will have the opportunity to say it first, direct and broadcast via social media. You won’t have to wait — it is news first and with the greatest depth. The newsmaker will be on GoLocal LIVE,” said Fenton.

GoLocal LIVE will be broadcast from GoLocal’s new on-the-street studio in downtown Providence and will launch in February.

New live video news broadcast

New Editor Kate Nagle and Lifestyle Editor Molly O’Brien – Co-host GoLocal LIVE


“I am excited to be part of this groundbreaking model of media — it is immediate, contextual and everything local,” said O’Brien, the former Traffic and Technology reporter on WJAR-10.

O’Brien hosts the lifestyle segment on GoLocal LIVE and Nagle hosts the news and politics segment.

“GoLocal LIVE will be immediate. It is where politics and news will happen first. It is designed to be the platform where political debates take place, where you hear Russ Moore talk about Who’s Hot and Who’s Not, and it is all live,” said award-winning News Editor Nagle.

In addition to Nagle and O’Brien, GoLocal regulars and features will include:

“The Money Man” Gary Sasse, who was a weekly special guest on The Buddy Cianci show. Sasse will appear weekly and discuss city, state and federal fiscal issues.

Weekly discussions on everything food — from farm to table, who are the new chefs, trends, and much more

Former Providence Journal Editorial Page Editor and GoLocalProv Columnist Robert Whitcomb

Darrell West of the Brooking Institute Skyping in from Washington, D.C.

Healthcare This Week — a weekly discussion on Rhode Island’s largest industry

Young Leaders — in partnership with United Way, emerging Rhode Island leaders will discuss what motivates them

Point-Counter-Point — one-on-one discussions of the hottest issues facing Rhode Island

Business Rhode Island – a look at the top issues in Rhode Island’s business community

GoLocal will be announcing all the features and regular guests later this month.

Former Providence Journal Editor of the Editorial Page Joins GoLocal

Former Providence Journal Editorial Editor

Former Providence Journal Editorial Editor

Bob Whitcomb has achieved a remarkable career as a journalist — one that includes serving as the Editor of the Editorial Page at the Providence Journal, as the Finance Editor of the International Herald Tribune in Paris, and as an editor and writer at The Wall Street Journal in New York.
Starting on Wednesday, Whitcomb joins GoLocal and will be writing a weekly column titled Digital Diary.

“It is a real privilege to have Bob join the team at GoLocal. For years, Bob has been one of the most influential figures in New England and his editorials have been an important part of the public dialogue in Rhode Island,” said Josh Fenton, CEO and Co-Founder of GoLocal24.

In addition to his remarkable career as print editor and writer, Whitcomb has worked in all major print and electronic media. This has included co-hosting a public-affairs show on an ABC-TV affiliate and being a frequent contributor on radio engagements. The editor of several books, he co-wrote Cape Wind, from which the movie Cape Spin was made. He has also done extensive writing over the years for national magazines, such as Newsweek, Pacific Standard and The Weekly Standard, as well as editing and writing international newsletters.

Whitcomb Today

Whitcomb was the member secretary of the Aga Khan University Media Thinking Group, whose work helped lead create the university’s Graduate School of Media and Communications, serving the developing world and based in Nairobi.

His current work includes being a partner and senior adviser at Cambridge Management Group, a national healthcare consultancy; overseer of newenglanddiary.com; managing editor of the Boston Global Forum; blogger for The Huffington Post; fellow of the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy; chairman of the Providence Committee on Foreign Relations, and president of Guard Dog Media, which publishes The Boston Guardian, a weekly newspaper.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, with a fellowship in economics. He lives in Providence, and is married with two grown daughters.

Read his first column here.

GoLocal Launches “The Patriarca Papers” – the FBI Files on the Man that Led the New England Crime Family for Nearly 50 Years

Raymond Patriarca ruled New England organized crime for nearly fifty years.

For the past year, GoLocal reporters and editors have been working to gain access to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) file for one of America’s most infamous criminals and one of Rhode Island’s notorious favorite sons – Raymond Patriarca.

Raymond Patriarca

Raymond Patriarca

Launching on August 3, 2015 and continuing over the next few months, GoLocal will be releasing the FBI files in segments – with expert insights and related documents – each Monday.  This weekly series is being called, “The Patriarca Papers.”

From the 1940’s to the 1990’s, New England organized crime was led by Patriarca (who died in 1984), and then by his son Raymond “Junior” Patriarca.

Patriarca not only dominated New England, but by many accounts was one of the most influential criminals in America.  There has long been an urban myth that Patriarca was the foundation for Don Corleone’s character in Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” – and after reading this dossier on Patriarca, the event and characters often seem remarkably similar.

“I first met Raymond when he was held on ‘accessory to murder’ charges in 1981 but as a result of a heart ailment, he was admitted to Miriam Hospital. I spent a night or two with him at the hospital. The manner in which he carried himself and his mere presence was that of an old school mobster. He exuded confidence,” said Brendan Doherty, former Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police.

FBI files unveil hundreds of connections, alleged crimes and business partners of Patriarca that have never been disclosed before in such detail.  The Patriarca Papers are a tour of New England, and these files bring forward alleged connections to high level politicians, a tie into one of New England’s favorite amusement parks, and linkage to one of the region’s biggest bankers, to name just a few of the elements in the files.

The FBI materials begin in 1954 and continue into the 1980’s, and these files tell such tales as paying off an aide to the Governor of Massachusetts to get pardoned, Patriarca’s involvement in a prison break that lead to two prison officials being murdered, and his early days of violence.

The stories about Raymond Patriarca range from condemnation about his violence to praise for his commitment to the Federal Hill neighborhood.

The Patriarca Crime Family Dominated New England for Nearly 50 years

The Patriarca Crime Family Dominated New England for Nearly 50 years

“I did meet him (Patriarca), when I was campaigning on Federal Hill,” said Arlene Violet, former Rhode Island Attorney General, in an interview with GoLocal. “I don’t know if he stepped out of his office because he knew I was on the hill, but I literally almost bumped into him.”

‘Hiya, Sister’ he said,” continued Violet. “You’re no brother,’ I responded.”

Nearly 10,000 Pages

Starting in 2014, GoLocal began the process of securing nearly 10,000 pages of FBI documents. In May of 2015, the FBI approved GoLocal’s request for the files and transferred hundreds of individual files containing nearly ten thousand pages of FBI memos and official bureau documents. Correspondingly, the FBI withheld hundreds of pages.

On many pages, the Bureau has redacted some information.  Names of those interviewed, the identity of some of the FBI’s Special Agents (SA), and other information has been blocked out. However, in the preparation of the presentation of The Patriarca Papers, it many cases names and information in one section of the files was found to be disclosed later in the material.

Analysis of the Files – Leading Experts

Along with the upcoming weekly presentation of the files, GoLocal will provide expert analysis from a range of top law enforcement and criminal attorneys, including former RI State Police Superintendent Brendan Doherty, Criminal Defense Attorney Artin Coloian, and former Rhode Island Attorney General Arlene Violet as well as many others.

GoLocal will also be providing a glossary of terms and a list of major characters during the course of series and each will be updated weekly.

Access to the FBI Files

Pursuant to federal law, GoLocal filed for the release of the FBI file pertaining to Patriarca. The Freedom of Information Act allows any person—except fugitives, federal agencies, and foreign intelligence agencies—to request information about “organizations, businesses, investigations, historical events, incidents, groups, or deceased persons.”

The FBI notified GoLocal that the request was being granted approximately three months after the request was filed. The files were received by GoLocal a number of months later. Since May, GoLocal has been digitizing the files for presentation.

The series is previewed on July 28, 2015 and runs weekly each Monday on both GoLocalProv.com and GoLocalWorcester.com

The series is sponsored by the Chow Fun Food Group.

GoLocal24 Makes Acquisition, Launches 4th Site

GoLocal24, a rapidly growing digital local news and information company, is acquiring the hyper-local digital media company WhatsUpNewp.com – the site dedicated to everything Newport, RI. The site generates more than 50,000 unique visitors per month.

GoLocal24's 1st Acquisition and 4th site

GoLocal24’s 1st Acquisition and 4th site

The move marks GoLocal24’s first acquisition and comes just a few months after expanding to the West Coast and launching in Portland, OR.

In addition, GoLocal24 has named Ryan Belmore Vice President of New England Partnerships. Belmore will be responsible for expanding GoLocal’s network of partnerships and content. He also is an experienced expert in social media and event management. He recently managed Digital and social media for the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover, an event that was visited by over 125,000.

“Ryan Belmore is one of the most talented people in digital media in the region. He has built a digital company that both thrives with content and has successfully driven revenue,” said Josh Fenton, CEO and Co-Founder of GoLocal24. “Ryan is the rare blend of content and commerce – he really understands how consumers get their information and how businesses need to reach them.”

GoLocal24 has been delivering news and information to Rhode Island consumers since the company was founded in 2010. The company launched GoLocalWorcester in 2012. In September of 2014, GoLocal24 launched GoLocalPDX.com.  Combined, the three platforms now deliver in excess of 11.9 million page views per month and over 1.1 million unique visitors monthly.

Vice President of Partnerships

Vice President of Partnerships

For GoLocal24, the acquisition marks the third site in New England – GoLocalProv, GoLocalWorcester and now the Newport site. Newport has been a strategic focus for GoLocal and an advertising hub. This acquisition expands GoLocal’s focus on Newport and Southern Rhode Island.

“GoLocal24 is one of the most dynamic digital companies in the United States. Their ability to drive the news cycle is unmatched,” said Belmore. “We are excited to be a bigger and bigger part of being the primary news source for New Englanders.”







12 Million in November

Customers In Busy Coffee ShopCombined the three GoLocal24 markets on the East and West Coast surpassed 12 million page views in November.

This number included GoLocal24’s newest market Portland, OR (GoLocalPDX.com) which launched in August of 2014.

For the two markets on the East Coast, the growth in pageviews from 2013 to 2014 was 95% year-over-year.

The growth overall including the new market was 210% growth across GoLocal24.

“We are excited by the tremendous growth – most folks in each of our communities see us as an important source of news and a tremendous way to connect in the community,” said Josh Fenton, CEO and Co-Founder of GoLocalProv.


GoLocalPDX.com Announces “Portland’s 25 New Cool People”

GoLocalPDX.com Announces “Portland’s 25 New Cool People”

Portland, OR — GoLocalPDX.com, an emerging local news and information web site focused on providing Portland and greater Oregon with high quality digital content, is recognizing “Portland’s 25 New Cool People.”

GoLocalPDX.com sought counsel from every corner of the community—including its contributors, “experts,” our staff, and community leaders.

The result of the selection process is an incredible and inspiring roster of women and men whose coolness is exhibited by the passion they bring to their life’s work. They are emerging leaders; they take forward a creative flair in everything they do, and perhaps above all, have that certain special quality that just lights up a room when they enter it.

“Portland is an incredible city and this list is some of our very best – this is a group that makes our city and the world better,” said Features Editor Byron Beck.

Did your favorite make the list? Did you?

On Monday GoLocalPDX.com will unveil the first five of the coolest people from Portland and Oregon. GoLocalPDX will feature five each day throughout the week of October 20th through the 24th.

GoLocalPDX is driven to deliver the highest value local content – enterprise investigative stories, top-flight lifestyle features and local sports supplied by the best journalists in the region. More than 50 reporters, editors, experts and MINDSETTERS™ will be contributing to the new site, from all areas of Portland and Oregon life.

GoLocalPDX is the latest site launched by GoLocal24 – a company committed to providing readers the best and most intriguing content in local markets. GoLocal24’s original content has been picked up by Politico, the New York Times, Daily Mail, New York Post, Huffington Post, CBS Radio, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Clear Channel, Deadspin, Cumulus, Entercom’s WEEI, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Providence Journal, and dozens of other news organizations

Ken Doctor of Nieman Lab Features GoLocal


Ken Doctor, Considered the Fair Broker in Media Today

Media’s leading analyst, Ken Doctor, features GoLocal24 in his column in Harvard’s Nieman Lab.

The feature, “The newsonomics of the for-profit move in local online news,” reviewed GoLocal’s unique performance versus a range of other media companies that have stumbled in the local digital media space.

As Doctor writes, “For GoLocal, it’s local institutions that are the bedrock of the business model — education, health, advocacy. GoLocal works with local advertisers; 30 percent of the revenue is sponsorship-based. All selling is optimized by technology, raising average CPMs well beyond what run-of-site programmatic advertising will fetch. Fenton says ad revenues have doubled over the last year and he expects a similar doubling this year.”




Forbes Compares AOL’s Patch and GoLocal’s Business Models

Patch’s Biggest Blunder: Ignoring Cities 

Guest post by Merrill Brown, a member of the founding team of Court TV and the founding Editor in Chief of MSNBC.com. Brown advises digital media start-ups and is a Venture Partner at DFJ Frontier. 

As the management and ownership of the hyperlocal media venture Patch endure contortions about the AOL company’s future, there’s an enormous amount of punditry concluding that Patch’s failures are both about its model and about the impossible nature of succeeding in providing digital news and information to local communities. Some of it is wise, but most everyone is missing a critical point. READ MORE