SessionM and GoLocal24 Team Up for mPOINTS Rewards


mPOINTS can be redeemed for gift cards or they can be donated to great causes

mPOINTS is GoLocal’s new loyalty program designed to reward users for reading, sharing and engaging.

All users need to do is go to the mobile version of GoLocal to start collecting your point. mPOINTS have been developed by SessionM – a GoLocal24 partner.

With their mPOINTS users can:

  • Users can donate them to worthy causes like Doctors Without Borders, ALS, Girls Who Code or dozens of others
  • They can use them to win great prizes from sweepstakes, like the newest technology
  • Or the users can cash them in for Starbucks gift cards or any number of great gift cards

The more they read and share articles and videos on social media then the more points they receive.

For users they earn mPOINTS just for completing activities like reading an article or sharing with friends. They can even earn mPOINTS for engaging with advertising and sponsors.

Then the GoLocal user can redeem those mPOINTS for awesome rewards. Rewards include gift cards, charitable donations and free merchandise.

The mPOINT program is running across all three GoLocal sites: GoLocalPDX, GoLocalProv, and GoLocalWorcester

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